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About Santa Cruz Lions


We Serve…

Santa Cruz Host Lions are business, professional, and retired men and women dedicated to making the Santa Cruz community a better place in which to live.

Santa Cruz Host Lions support the community's visual and auditory impaired, its youth and the organizations that serve them.

Santa Cruz Host Lions enjoy weekly lunches with guest speakers, family barbecues, conventions, cruises on Monterey Bay, visits to neighboring Lions clubs, holiday parties, group trips, and more!


The Santa Cruz Host Lions Club was chartered April 20, 1929 with 28 members. Meetings were held in the Pioneer Room at the Palomar Hotel until 1967, when the Lions moved to the Elks new building on Jewell Street. The Club meets every Thursday at noon. The Club has 87 members on the roster, with 10 Life members and 7 privileged members. The Club motto is, "We Serve!" This service is focused on hearing and sight conservation, as well as on the development of our community's youth. The Santa Cruz Host Lions has never turned down a youth in need of eye care for lack of funds! The Club raises funds through a variety of activities, including White Cane Day, Lions' Christmas Tree Lot, Nicene Marks Marathon and the Lions Bowl All-Star High School football game. 100% of the funds raised are given back to the community. The Santa Cruz Host Lions Club is somewhat unique in that it has dozens of Past Presidents still active in the club.
Charter Members:  
Arnold C. Almason Jay Gates Jr.
Cecil A. Anderson C.G. Hammer
Phillip B. Beggs D.J.T. Harrington
John E. Bias Hobert A. Harvey
C.R. Blodgett John Johnson
Fred Brandt Joe B. Lang
John Costello Samuel Leask Jr.
Jack F. Enns C.P. Manion
R.E. Ferrand Lawrence Stickles
Patrick G. Freeman  

– Al McCommon


Members List

Though members of the Santa Cruz Host Lions Club represent a wide diversity of professions and interests, all are dedicated to seeking out those in need and serving them. Thursday luncheons feature speakers and special guests that inform and entertain. Members frequently get together for family BBQ's, sporting events, group trips and conventions. Club activities are always filled with laughter and fun, which makes serving the community a thoroughly enjoyable endeavor.



Officers (JULY 2013 to 2014)


Board of Directors:

Our Board of Directors is made up of 16 elected Officers and Directors who meet once per month to direct the endeavors of the Club and determine which charitable projects the Club will fund.



Past President Tiffany Karwick
President Mari Segura
1st Vice President Jim Bosso
2nd Vice President Andy Breda
3rd Vice President Jeff Bosshard
Secretary Garry Perkins
Treasurer Linda Alameda-Strawn
Tail Twister Scott Bedell
Lion Tamer Dennis Alameda
Membership Tony Alameda

District Conventions Garry Perkins
Flag Day Andy Breda
House Committee Bernie Bourriague
Site Conservation Garry Perkins
Scholarships Arnold Levine
Student Speakers Gary Knutson
Visitations Myrtle Disman / Garry Perkins
Bulletin Ads Dennis Alameda
Publicity / PR Michael Olson / Mari Segura
Lions Bowl Debbie Johnson / Dave Regan
Audit Chris Codiga
Chaplain Arnold Levine
Alternate Chaplain Jeff Bosshard
Christmas Trees Andy Breda
Diabetes & Sight Steve Benson
Hearing Conservation Garry Perkins
Lions Tale Linda Alameda
Youth Programs & Sea Scouts Jim Bosso
Nisene Marks Marathon Gary Benito
Family BBQ Jim Bosso
Birthdays Robert Ash
Health of the Club Myrtle Disman
White Cane Day Jeff Bosshard
By Laws Jeff Bosshard
LCIF Garry Perkins
Peace Posters Don McPherson / Arnold Levine
Orientation Warren Grande / Jim Bosso / Arnold Levine
Programs Jeff Bosshard
Lions Eye Fund Garry Perkins / Mari Segura

One Year Directors:

Tiffany Hammer

Warren Grande

Steve Benson

Brian Mathias

Bill Jones

Two Year Directors:

Ernie McCoy

Dave Regan

Nick Torres

Life Members:

John Amin Retired – 1958
Norm Bedell Insurance
Bernie Bourriague Printing – 1957
Leon Costello Retired – 1983
William Jones Retired – 1964
Arnie Levine Newspaper
George Mainis Retired – 1967
Don McPherson Artist
Ward Noland Swim & Resortwear – 1975
Doug Thorne Real Estate
Lucas Zaballos Retired – 1972

Privileged Members:

Firman Brown Retired
Tom Cutting Retired
Roger Gintert Retired
Ken Haber Real Estate


Regular Members:

Dennis Alameda Roofing
Tony Alameda Roofing
Linda Strawn-Alameda Office Manager
Jack Alsman Contractor
Robert Ash Real Estate
Scott Bedell Insurance
Gary Benito Funeral Director
Steve Benson Retired
Jeff Bosshard Attorney
Jim Bosso Transportation
Jeriann Bosso Finance Officer
Andy Breda Retired
John Burke Real Estate
Fred Caiocca Banker
Ron Cash Automotive
Chris Codiga Accountant
Greg Cole Retired
Myrtle Disman Retired
Mike Fagan Elevator Consultant
Ed Ferrell Retired
John Fleming Law Enforcement
Warren Grande Banker
Howard Hall Retired
Tim Hiatt Business Owner
Ben Hicks Attorney
Peter Huemer Business
Edward Jenkins Business
Debbie Johnson (DJ) Business Owner
Tiffany Karwick Investment Advisor
JJ Kaye Advertising
Bill Kiff Retired
Gary Knutson Retired
Kenneth Kohler Registered Nurse
Marcy Kohler Registered Nurse
Doug Martine Retired
Brian Mathias Attorney
Ernest McCoy Contractor
Don McNeal Insurance
David Millang Retired
Michael Olson Radio
Gary Owen Retired
Garry Perkins Retired
David Regan Newspaper
Louis Rittenhouse House Investor
Anthony Rocca Realtor
Thomas Schawb Retired Businessman
John Schroeder Retired
Slivia Schroeder Retired
Robert Scott Engineer
Mari Segura Public Ed. Program Coord.
Steve Shaw Rancher
Jerry Smeltzer Real Estate
George Stagi Retired
Heather Suzuki Licensed Optician
Timothy Terry Business
Nick Torres Banker
John Van Every Optometrist
Richard Vote Retired
Ken Waldvogel Retired
Jeff Wickum Real Estate
Beatta Willison Real Estate
Robert Zufall Executive Search